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Demand for professionals who can manage the tools that keep information flowing and communications humming continues to grow. It’s no surprise that demand is growing. Specially in challenging times, making the best use of technology can increase efficiency, decrease costs and build a competitive advantage.

Cisco Certifications can help you build the expertise you need to differentiate yourself in the job market. Take a complimentary Learning at Cisco Self-Assessment on networking technologies to learn how your skills stack up. Test your knowledge in Routing and Switching, Voice, Security, and Wireless-and get free learning recommendations, too.

The need for IT professionals is expected to grow.

  •  New, evolving networking skills in voice, security and wireless are adding to the demand. In the next five years, the demand for these job roles is expected to grow more than 70%. *
  • Video communications traffic, including video over instant messaging and video calling will increase ten-fold through 2013, increasing the demand for video network specialists.**

Cisco, the leading provider of networking technology, offers Cisco Certifications to certify IT professionals in a wide range of networking disciplines so that employers might have the right talent they need at the right time. Cisco Certifications allow employers to validate that job applicants and employees have the skills needed to run their networks. Certifications validate your experience and bring valuable, measurable rewards to your career as well. Assess your skills today with a complimentary Learning at Cisco Self-Assessment today.

Why pursue a Cisco Certification? 

  • Higher Salaries:
    Network professionals with certifications can demand significantly higher salaries.
      • Annual salaries of Cisco Certified professionals are, on average, 5- 9% over those of non-certified individuals.***

  • A Competitive Advantage: Candidates holding a certification have a competitive advantage over those with an equivalent level of hands-on experience.
      • A worldwide survey by Forrester Consulting of IT hiring managers, commissioned by Cisco, found certifications second to only a college degree to qualify for jobs and the top criteria used in determining ability to perform the job.   *
      • 86% of IT hiring mangers consider certifications at least medium to high priority for evaluating candidates.****
    •  Cisco Certifications validate technical knowledge and skills in many areas including routing and switching, security, voice, and wireless technologies.

  • New Career Options:
    Networking skills are in demand across a wide range of industries, including high tech, manufacturing, finance, healthcare, media, transportation, and utilities. 
      • Dedicated wireless specialist roles are expected to increase worldwide from 36% today to 66% within five years. *
      • Dedicated security roles are expected in 80% of the worldwide companies studied within the next five years. Today, 46% of the surveyed companies have these roles. *
      • 65% of companies expect dedicated voice specialists within five years while only 40% currently have dedicated roles today.*

Learn how to get started and stand out with Cisco Certifications and take a free self-assessment today.  Get started today.

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