Google Maps Interview Questions

Google Geographical Information System(GIS) Interview questions:

Interview Questions:
Written Test Pattern:
Total Questions in the written test will be 40(approximately).

First 10 Questions (Geography)
Second 10 Questions (English)
Third 10 Questions Passage Answering
Fourth 10 Questions (Logical Reasoning)
These are the questions for the written test, with written test you need to write an essay writing. There will be 8 topics, in which you need a select a topic. Here are some of the topics i remember.

1)Social Media.
2)Education System in India.

Coming to the Questions in the HR Round(Client Round) which will be conducted in the Google India Office.

1) Tell me about yourself.
2) Map Pointing (World Map). Please focus more on North America and South America.
3) General Aptitude Questions.
4) General Questions in Physics.
5) Please learn all the Capitals and Currencies.

Some other questions I faced:
1) Why your Academic Percentage is Less.
2) What’s the toughest decision you have made till now.
3) Why should i hire you.