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Resume Format for Software Testing Tools

To Build a Testing Resume/Curriculum Vitae(CV).

Follow Below Steps: and Download the Document Format

Sample Resume Format for Testing Tools

1. Write Your Name, Phone number, Email- Id.

2. Write Your Objective & Educational Qualification.

3. Mention Your Trainings Attended.

4. Write Your Technical Proficiency Details.

5. Write your achievements from schooling to graduation.

Sample Resume Format for Testing Tools

6. Enter the Testing Tools You Learnt.

7. Mention Your academic project done, mention both mini project and major project.

Sample Resume Format for Testing Tools

8. Write Your Strengths, like Hardworking, Self Confident, Punctual, Etc.,

9. List Your Hobbies like Listening to music, playing cricket/football/, also mention a unique hobby it attracts the person looking at the resume.

10. Enter Your Personal Details with full address.

11. Finally Declaration, and write your name right side.

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